There have been some terrible things said and done to my family and my son’s memory.. and this shows that there is always more to a story than what u see on the news. Do not take everything u see and hear at face value… those that mean to mislead you may do just that if you do not question ” where is the entire story “?
Thank you to all that were involved in the making of this movie. Thank you to those that have watched and are helping to share it to the world so that people may know what really happened to my baby… and know that he did not deserve the death sentence he received.. and that our own city officials allowed for this man to be cleared of all wrongdoing.
The truth must be heard.

–Andrea Irwin


The documentary was very well done. The DA and the Madison police department should be hanging their heads in shame. I’d like to get this out to as many people as I can.

–Vickie Guerrero


Wow. Just wow. What a phenomenal job everyone involved did to make this documentary happen! Watching this made my hair on my entire body stand up, it made me cry, it made me laugh, it mostly made me feel disappointed… Disappointment with this Country and all of the hate, with this State for all of the murders close to home, with the system for covering shit up and sweeping shit under the rug, with the police because they are supposed to serve and protect, NOT gun down! This documentary is so powerful, it made me really feel the pain that Andrea and her Family have in their hearts, it made me feel the carelessness, coldness and hate in his heart. My god.

–Alicia Gritton


Left me with hair-raising goosebumps…..shows a great insight on how the media negatively shapes perception….but the same facts written different can totally change your perception! It’s a must see I hope it opens more eyes!

–Tessa Roche